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Frozen Rails?

Frozen Rails is Finland's oldest Ruby and Ruby on Rails conference, as well as one of Europe's top Ruby conferences. For the fourth time, Frozen Rails will see top speakers from around the world arrive in Helsinki to speak to a diverse audience of top notch web developers from Finland and abroad.

Frozen Rails 2014

In 2014 we return to the same venue that we used for Frozen Rails 2012: Paasitorni (Finnish for "Boulder Tower").

Built in the first decades of the twentieth century, Helsinki Congress Paasitorni is a unique conference centre right in the heart of Helsinki.

As we're familiar with this venue, we're working on some cool ideas on how to best show off all our sponsors at the venue. If you'd like to have a booth at the venue, a visit to the venue can be arrange in advance in order to let you come up with the best ways in which you can reach out to visitors.

As always, we'd also like to encourage you, as a sponsor, to only give out durable and good quality give-aways (if you want to give out anything at all). Bonus hipster-points for giving out organic or fair trade goods!


Frozen Rails is a great place to look for new hires. Our attendees are about equally from Finland and abroad, so Frozen Rails is a great place to meet developers that you wouldn't normally bump into.


Need developers to hear about your services or products? Frozen Rails is a great place to advocate for your company. We get a huge variety of attendees who work at start-ups, established consultancies, the biggest companies in Finland, and at huge multinationals.


This year we're expecting over two hundred awesome attendees. We care as much about the quality of our audience as we do about the quality of our speakers, which is why we offer deals such as discounts for Rails contributors.

Past speakers

We've been lucky to have excellent speakers at every Frozen Rails so far. Here's just a few (in no particular order):

This year's list of speakers is equally awesome.

Sponsorship packages


Price €2,000 €4,000 €6,000
Amount available 1/4 2/2

Pre-conference benefits

Logo, name, short description & link on the conference site
Sponsor designation in all the conference marketing material
You’ll be featured in all event information emails
Prominent logo placement on the site
Prominent logo placement in all conference materials
Discount for buying extra conference passes 30% 40% 50%

Onsite benefits

Conference passes 2 4 6
Logo, name and short description in the conference guide
A roll-up in the hallway (brought by you) *
Option to have a booth on the conference premises
A roll-up on stage (brought by you) *
On-stage recognition at the beginning of each day
10-minute sponsored talk
Featuring slide in the slides running between sessions
Two guest invitations to the exclusive speakers' dinner
All prices exclude VAT. * In addition to the roll-ups that you can bring, we will also have roll-ups or posters featuring all the sponsors onsite.

Other ideas?

If none of the packages seem like your cup of tea, we're certainly open to more creative ideas too! Just email us with your suggestions and we'll see what we can do.

For example:

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our sponsorship packages, or if you'd like to purchase one, please email Matias Korhonen at