More talks than ever before and
more awesomeness than ever before.


Registration and breakfast
Tasty, tasty, free breakfast

Konstantin Haase

Keynote: Magenta - The Art of Abstraction
Coffee break

Amy Wibowo

Sweaters as a service: adventures in machine knitting
Free Lunch

André Arko

Extreme Makeover: Rubygems Edition

Arne Brasseur

Functional Programming in Ruby

Milo Todorovich

API Second

Michael Ries

How I Accidentally Wrote the Best Code of my Career
End of day one

Welcome aboard the sunset cruise

Hakaniemenranta 1, a short walk from the conference venue
m/s Emma departs at 19:45
Hosted by Flowdock


The Frozen Rails 5K run

Run like the wind!
Tasty breakfast again!

Michał Taszycki

Ruby – Write Once, Run Anywhere
Coffee break

Davy Stevenson

Ruby as Science, Art and Craft
Free Lunch

Sam Phippen

The Maybe Monad as a replacement for nil

Terence Lee

Ruby & You

Lightning talks

Sign-up details will be announced at the beginning of the day

Patrick McKenzie

Keynote: How to make a million dollars with Ruby on Rails
End of day two

Post-conference party

Hosted by Mandrill